Names for Pious List

All Saints Day is on Tuesday, 1st Nov.  All Souls Day is on Wednesday, 2nd Nov.  If you would like to have your deceased relatives and friends prayed for at this time please leave your list with Fr. Jim.

Pious List

The scriptures tell us praying for the dead is a ‘wholesome act’.  The people who have lived life with us and passed on are people who have loved us and we loved them.  We believe that we can assist them in the after life by offering prayers for them, interceding for them, and remembering them before God.

We do this through the Pious List.  The Pious List, with all of their names, will be placed on a board in front of the altar so that everybody can go there, read the names on the list and pray for them.  This list will remain on the altar for the month of November.  The month of November is set aside to pray for all who are deceased.





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